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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ryan turned 3 years old on
June 19th, 2009
He is the sweetest boy, loves to play outside, Jump
on the trampoline, cuddle with me, and wrestle with his dad.
He is an awsome big brother. We love this kid!

Ryans Birthday Cake... Dalmations

Ryan blowing out his candles on his cake!!

The best bouncy house ever!

This horse should be mason's. He would follow
mason everywhere.

My Little Cowboy!!!

Mason is 18 mo. in this picture and is the real
genuine article. This kid is tuffer than nails
and dirtier than dirt. He will make the
perfect COWBOY!

So stinken CUTE

Emily Wood
Kindergarten Graduation Day
June, 2008
Chaparral Elementary
Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Hutchinson

All of Emily's Friends.
Megan Gilleard, Emmilee Izatt, Abby Hall, Haley Dominiak, Kenney Hall, Doug Hall,
Tessa Nibblet, Cheyanne Hall, Bryce Gilleard, Elyse Nelson
They had a blast, Very cold day but we endured it anyway. They went on a
Scavanger Hunt. BRRR

Emily Anne's 7th Birthday
Novemeber 22, 2008
Emily is a poser. she loves the camera and everything that a camera
entails. Here she is posing infront of her cake
and cupcakes.

Finally the good stuff!!! Yeah for cake

Mason is patiently waiting for his Birthday Cake!!!

Novemeber 14th 2008
Mason's 1st Birthday
Christy Hall made him this cake!! Its so darling.
She has inspired me to try...... hmmm someday!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Big Lips

Can we say "Give me a KISS"
Kaitlyn, Megan & Chrissy

Megan turned 12 on Feb. 10. She is entering Young Womens and I think she is pretty nervous. I am so excited for her, I had the most fun in Young Womens when I was her age.
For her 12th Birthday she invited her 2 friends to spend the night and go to Boondocks and play games, lasertag etc.... She said this was one of the best birthdays ever!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Look at me!

Megan Elizabeth
Megan is now in Junior High which has been a very good experience for her. She is very artistic and loves to sew, cook and draw. The picture of the big cookie happens to be Megans creation from start to finish. My favorite part of the cookie was the girls hair because it was pure chocolate. (YUMMY) We also attempted to color her hair red. She has always wanted red hair. Well to make a long story short it kind of died crayon red which she loved. I let her keep it that way for about a week and than I fixed it.

Red Robin it is!!

Amanda's Ice Cream Treat!!
Amanda, RedRobin, Arielle, Precious & Libby

Amanda celebrated her 9th birthday on Janruary 22. She invited 3 girlfriends and we took them out to dinner at Red Robins and than a movie. She was so worried about only being able to invite 3 friends because she had so many to choose from. (Oh the poor girl)LOL!
Amanda invited Libby, Ariel and Precious. They had so much fun.

Amanda Nicolle
Amanda started 3rd grade this year. She is an excellant student and works hard to get good grades. Math is her strongest subject which I am most positive came from her dad. This year in school they had to make a town. So each student was given a certain building type and they could design whatever they wanted. Amanda was given a bank and she designed "Amanda's Piggy Bank". It turned out so cute and she did a fantastic job on it. She as so many friends and just loves to serve others. She is an Angel.

6 At Last

Emily turned 6 on November 22. Since that was my due date with Mason this year we celebrated her birthday 3 weeks early. Emily is a Princess so I thought it would be appropriate to throw her an all pink party! Emily shares her birthday with Thanksgiving so it was hard to pull this off and have kids in town to attend but we did it. Tessa Nibblett, Bryce Gilleard, Elyse Nelson, Megan Gilleard and Haley Dominiak were the friends who could make it.
She really was treated like Royalty!

The Big K

Emily Anne
This has been a great year for Emily. She started Kindergarten and turned 6. Emily is such a good student and does really well at school. She is a HUGE social butterfly and is always eager and ready to be of help to anyone!

Cute as a Bug in a Rug

From birth till now he has always been the cutest bug in a rug!
Ryan was born on June 19th, 2006 and was blessed on Aug 6th, 2006. His blessing was so good. Ron spoke alot about him worthiness to serve a mission and the close relationship that he will have with the Lord. It was beautiful!!!

Busy is as Busy does!

Ryan William
Ryan brings the word BUSY to a whole new meaning!
Ryans favorite things in this world are his big sisters and his dad. He is so sad when the girls leave for school and just stares out the window until they come home. He is the bussiest boy I have ever met, he really is Trouble on Two Feet!!

Our Newest Arrival

Mason David
Such a blessing he is to our family. He was born on November 14th, 2007 and was just blessed on February 3, 2008.
Ron gave such a beautiful blessing. He spoke about the gifts that Mason would recieve if he remained faithful to the gospel, and also about praying to our Father in heaven in all things. It was beautiful.

Personal Growth

  • The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. Socrates
  • Action may not always bring happiness; But there is no happiness without action. Benjamin Disraeli